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Our Purpose: Bringing athletes, coaches, parents and families together for a positive and fun experience while raising money to support the NHHS Cross Country Team.

Where does it go? ​

  • Team T-shirts

  • Event Specific Equipment

  • Uniforms

  • XC Mileage Incentive gifts

  • XC Runner of the week T-Shirts

  • Coaches Shirts

  • Team Foam Rollers

  • Water Coolers

  • Snacks

  • New Tarps for our Tents

  • Retractable Team Benches

  • Team Flags

  • Fees for all of our Invitational Meets

  • Scholarships as needed for Invitational Meets

  • Food for Invitational Meets

  • Costs for Home Meets including timing

  • Support for our Team Pasta Dinners and Awards Banquet

  • Permanent Record Display at the Field House

  • Gifts, plaques, and other awards

  • Operational Costs

    • Liability Insurance

    • Operational Expenses (bank fees, printing the team banner, etc.)

  • and so much more!


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